Resiliency after COVID-19

By July 16, 2021 No Comments

Kids have been indoors for a long time and many have not been active. The lack of activity has left parents frustrated, guilty and desperate for ideas to keep their children engaged. Added to the stress of working from home, many parents haven’t had the time to generate creative solutions for their youngsters because of work commitments. 

Our client, schoolwear.ca, has  been working with students, parents and teachers for years and the feedback we hear is similar year over year. The children who cope better with adversity are the ones who have emotional care, love, strong family ties and feel supported by their communities. During the pandemic these options were just NOT options anymore. So, where does this leave us?

As an organization we felt that it was our call-to-action to start a campaign that fosters community support and solidarity. We want youth and teachers to develop stronger ties and affinity to their schools by supporting each other. We have thought of different ways to do this and the number one opportunity has been to create branded school wear so that students from Kindergarten to Seniors can all share in their familial support. The school being the best representation of unity, sharing in a unified message of togetherness, connectedness and understanding. We tried to eliminate barriers from anyone to participate by having shirts for all ages, grades including educators as role models for change. 

We are in this together, as communities and especially as schools. With online and virtual classrooms becoming the norm it is time to show how we can be socially distant while still being emotionally connected. It’s clear, we need to Unite Schools.