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6IXSENSES is a technology, strategy and design firm that helps businesses reinvent their businesses through e-commerce technologies, improve business operations by leveraging cutting edge technologies, grow sales and increase market share through innovative marketing strategies.

Our service includes e-commerce site development and implementation; technology implementation, creative design and business strategy. We differentiate by not only providing technological and strategic solutions but also being the partner of your story working alongside through the ups and downs to help achieve the business goal.

Why do you need a technology and strategy partner?

One of the main challenges businesses presently face is staying competitive and profitable in a transforming world. The lack of resources, knowledge, and fear of change make them complacent. Most businesses still work with out-of-date ERP systems, do not possess technologies such as CRM, lead capturing tools, and proper analytics tools, which prevent them from being competitive; leading to incompatibilities due to expired technologies and keep from harvesting the optimal potential it can achieve.

At 6IXSENSES, we do a comprehensive 360-degree analysis to understand the business and identify any potential market disruptions and determine the best strategic direction for the company. Our strategic solutions will fully leverage the robust tools and state of the art technologies to increase efficiency and accountability and reduce counterproductive measures, adopt innovative business practices, elevating internal operating process, improving marketing and customer service activities to fuel sales. It will elevate your business from the status-quo, make it competitive in the short run and sustainable in the long run.

Our work could include improving efficiencies by implementing robust, high performing, scalable system by adopting state-of-the-art, fully integrated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service digital solution and marketing strategies and implementation to achieve thriving sales goals.

Our proposed systems will improve the performance of all aspects of business functions; sales, manufacturing, order processing, inventory control, purchasing, accounting as well as tracks every business activity, provide real-time reporting through reports and finally provide a visual representation of the company’s state at any given time.

We work together toward excellence. That’s why we work as partners, going beyond the vendor-client relationship.

Our customers are big and small, ranging from retailers, professionals to service providers in every sphere of business.

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