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6IXSENSES is a technology, strategy and design firm that helps businesses reinvent their businesses through e-commerce technologies, improve business operations by leveraging cutting edge technologies, grow sales and increase market share through innovative marketing strategies.

Our service includes e-commerce site development and implementation; technology implementation, creative design and business strategy. We differentiate by not only providing technological and strategic solutions but also being the partner of your story working alongside through the ups and downs to help achieve the business goal.

Why do you need a technology and strategy partner?

One of the main challenges businesses presently face is staying competitive and profitable in a transforming world. The lack of resources, knowledge, and fear of change make them complacent. Most businesses still work with out-of-date ERP systems, do not possess technologies such as CRM, lead capturing tools, and proper analytics tools, which prevent them from being competitive; leading to incompatibilities due to expired technologies and keep from harvesting the optimal potential it can achieve.

At 6IXSENSES, we do a comprehensive 360-degree analysis to understand the business and identify any potential market disruptions and determine the best strategic direction for the company. Our strategic solutions will fully leverage the robust tools and state of the art technologies to increase efficiency and accountability and reduce counterproductive measures, adopt innovative business practices, elevating internal operating process, improving marketing and customer service activities to fuel sales. It will elevate your business from the status-quo, make it competitive in the short run and sustainable in the long run.

Our work could include improving efficiencies by implementing robust, high performing, scalable system by adopting state-of-the-art, fully integrated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service digital solution and marketing strategies and implementation to achieve thriving sales goals.

Our proposed systems will improve the performance of all aspects of business functions; sales, manufacturing, order processing, inventory control, purchasing, accounting as well as tracks every business activity, provide real-time reporting through reports and finally provide a visual representation of the company’s state at any given time.

We work together toward excellence. That’s why we work as partners, going beyond the vendor-client relationship.

Our customers are big and small, ranging from retailers, professionals to service providers in every sphere of business.

Rajitha Liyanage Content Research

Rajitha LK, BA

Editor, Content & Research

Rajitha is in-charge of our Content and Research work. She has a background in History and English literature; possesses a BA from York University in Toronto, which inspired her to continue working with us following her career aspirations. In addition to her regular job, she takes care of the administrative and HR duties as they occur.
A mother of two kids, a recreational author, Rajitha loves reading and gardening during the little leisure time she gets.
Ivan S

Ivan S

Design & Dev

Ivan is our design maverick. Possesses an exceptional level of creativity, he is obsessed with detailed, tailored design concepts that helps businesses to differentiate and elevate their brand from the rest of the pack.

Over the years Ivan has developed logos and graphic designs for startup companies and small businesses. His core competency lies in the complete development of creating your brand – from making your new logo design to designing your website and your corporate identity.

Ivo Bio Pic



Ivo is our web designer. Alongside Ivan, he has been helping to create hundreds of creative web design projects over the years.

Waruna Kulawansha, MBA

Founder, CEO

Throughout Waruna’s career, he has been immensely interested in, and helped many businesses profit by improving efficiency, reducing counterproductive measures by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, analyzing market disruptions, and making strategic decisions for sustainable growth.

With over 19 years of combined experience, his main emphasis has been on e-commerce, strategy, market research and digital transformation. Over the years he has collaborated with the executive teams to reform business systems, and generate resourceful and innovative solutions for the company’s continuous growth.

With the copious amount of experience gathered during his career, he formed 6IXSENSES Digital Transformation Inc. aiming to help businesses leverage digital technologies to improve their profitability, efficiency and stay competitive in a changing environment. Waruna is very interested in discussing your business and determine how he can work together to help your business reach the next level.

Waruna has a BSc. in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Peradeniya and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University - Toronto, specialized in Marketing Communication, Brand Management and Strategy.


Chathuranga K, BSc.

Country Director - Sri Lanka

Chathuranga is our Co-founder. It was his idea and enthusiasm which gave rise to 6IXSENSES in 2016. His entrepreneurial spirit since high school made him involved in several successful businesses, CeyPearl.com an e-commerce project, and CeyHerbal - an herbal manufacturing and distribution company - which gave him the confidence to initiate 6IXSENSES.

While leading our largest global team in Colombo Sri Lanka, he takes care of all the operational work ensuring the smooth operation of the company. Chathuranga has a BSc. in Management Information Systems from the University of Dublin.


Rayah Gugliotta

Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Rayah is our Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager with over 5 years of experience in social media management, content creation, and branding. York University Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Creates visual content for digital applications, such as: videos, graphics, and photography for social media, websites, articles, and other marketing materials.

Kithmini Palihapitiya

Director, Brand & Marketing Communications

Kithmini has been a natural-born storyteller and presenter from a young age. Passionate about forging positive relationships, Kithmini has been a loyal client relationship manager for decades. Driven to provide clients with the best solutions for large-scale and complex problems both on micro and macro levels, Kithmini uses her qualifications as a Marketing Communications professional to journey businesses towards achieving goals. Her strong belief in social impact allows for creative project scoping, analysis and research that makes game-changing headway in companies.

“I believe that Marketing is constantly reinvented and to become good at it there needs to be proper technology that makes the implementation of ideas work smoothly”


Dwayne Lubin

Business Development Lead

Dwayne is the Business Development Lead at 6IXSENSES, responsible for executing client-focussed sales and onboarding. He is not only interested in finding the best solutions for the client but has delivered over 15 years of excellent business development and a decades-worth of Account management experience.

“My interest in tech and innovation comes from all the ways I help sectors with growth``

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