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How The 6IXSENSES Digital Annual Huddle Unfolded

By May 17, 2024 May 21st, 2024 No Comments
6IXSENSES Digital Team

Sri Lankan Hub Leads the Way

The heart of 6IXSENSES Digital beats strong in Sri Lanka, where the majority of our talented workforce is based. The rest of our amazing team comes from various countries, including Canada, the United States, Sri Lanka, India, Finland, and New Zealand, adding a global viewpoint to our discussions. 6IXSENSES Digital annual huddle was held in Sri Lanka.

We saw the entire Sri Lankan team come together. Their dedication and collaborative spirit played a key role in making the event a resounding success.  It was a powerful reminder of the shared values that fuel our company’s growth.

Since the start, 6IXSENSES Digital has prioritized efficiency and innovation. We excel in discovering better work methods and continually challenging limits. This distinguishes us from competitors and defines our identity.

Hard work is more than just a motto for us – it’s woven into the fabric of our team. And when it comes to creativity, you could say it runs through our veins.

This focus on continuous improvement fuels our passion and drives us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Strategic Sessions and Knowledge Sharing 

Our annual huddle kicked off at Likuid Spaces with a heartfelt address from our CEO, Waruna Kulawansha. As someone who’s witnessed the team’s incredible journey firsthand, Waruna took us on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his and his brother Chathuranga Kulawansha’s humble beginnings back in 2016.

There’s no denying it was a challenging road. We all felt a pang as he shared the difficult decision to temporarily close operations due to COVID-19’s impact. However, out of adversity came strength – the pandemic ultimately led to a more resilient and improved 6IXSENSES Digital.

Waruna giving a speech to his team at the 6IXSENSES Digital Annual Huddle

The beautiful interior at Likuid Spaces where the 6IXSENSES Digital Annual Huddle took place

Waruna then provided a clear roadmap for the team, outlining our current priorities and upcoming projects. This much-anticipated information was met with eager anticipation from many team members.

The mood was electric. Inspired by our leader’s vision for expansion and a strengthened client base, everyone felt a surge of determination. Heads held high and our team spirit soaring, we were all excited to navigate uncharted territory and embrace the exciting opportunities ahead.


Reuniting, Reconnecting and Having Fun

As mentioned before, it had been a year since the team met in person. The excitement was evident as everyone’s faces lit up upon seeing colleagues they usually only communicate with online. Waruna was especially happy to have his team reunited.

The beautiful dining area at Likuid Spaces, boasting breathtaking views, became a hub for long-awaited conversations that covered a wide range of topics. After a delicious lunch, not only did the team indulge in sweet treats – they also enjoyed some friendly competition with a game of pool. This lighthearted activity, even for those who were new to the game, perfectly exemplified the team spirit we cultivate at 6IXSENSES. Here, you can always count on receiving the right guidance, whether it’s for a new project or your first game of pool!

Dulaj teaching Yashodha how to play 8 ball pool during the 6IXSENES Digital Annual Huddle

A Stronger Team, A Clear Vision

The 6IXSENSES Digital annual huddle proved to be more than just a meeting; it boosted team spirit in multiple ways. The team genuinely enjoyed reconnecting over the two days, fostering not only face-to-face interaction but also the development of stronger bonds and a more unified spirit. After all, it’s this very team spirit that will guide us through challenges and propel us toward achieving unimaginable goals.

The team enjoying their time during the annual huddle

With a clear vision now firmly in place, the 6IXSENSES digital team is ready to set sail on uncharted waters.  Kudos to Waruna and Chathuranga for their excellent choice of venue – the perfect setting for an annual reunion. Our Operations Manager, Ishanka, and HR Manager, Maria, were instrumental in their support, taking the initiative to ensure the event’s resounding success.

Looking Forward: Growth and Success

Overall, the team is experiencing significant growth, and our client base is steadily expanding.  Next year’s huddle blog will undoubtedly feature an even larger team photo, brimming with smiles, and showcase the success stories of a growing clientele.

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Onwards and Upwards!