Clothes that impact us.

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Have you ever worn an old shirt and pants outside and felt like you were just not feeling quite ‘right’? Studies have shown that our clothes impact our moods, personality, energy levels and confidence throughout our lives. For students who may not have the luxury of buying branded clothes and whose parents are on a limited budget, their go-to could only mean hand-me-downs. This is certainly not uncommon. 

While we may not all have the budget to buy name-brand clothes we could always make an effort to have our children wear meaningful ones. This could mean a hand-sewn sweater made from Grandma, a toque knitted by a friend, a pair of mittens that were hand-woven by a local retailer. All of these items leave a lasting impression and make children feel unique, special or create a sense of identity. 

Our client, schoolwear.ca, has spent years creating clothes for organizations and schools that focus on representation and inclusivity. Schoolwear believes in creating high quality clothes that spur feelings of togetherness. For instance, sporting a new hoodie with a school name and logo on it. We have found that kids and youth love wearing items that speak to their experience, whether it is wearing the name of their school embroidered on the front, an emblem of their sports team on their back or their last name etched as a crest on their chest. 

Identity. Belongingness. Unity. These are the fundamentals of Schoolwear.ca