For many Canadians Canada Day is a time to celebrate our victories as a country and define what we stand for as a nation. Historically, Canada has always been known as multicultural, open minded and inviting to new immigrants, refugees as well as our native citizens. During these past few years however, we have been forced to come to terms with many of the upheavals of our history in order to make fresh beginnings and informed decisions. Now, more than before, we are aware of the atrocities that have happened in our country.

As a team, 6IXSENSES acknowledges and pays tribute to the Indigenous community and parents of children from residential schools whose lives were lost. The indigenous community has played an integral role in forming the societal norms and values of our country, the foundational fabric of our beliefs. As Canadian citizens we cannot overlook or diminish their contribution, especially on one of the most important calendar events of the year. They have built families and communities that created value and exploration for us all.

6IXSENSES started over five years ago in Toronto and our founder and CEO relocated from his original country in hopes of a “better life”. Not only was he able to start a journey in a new homeland but was afforded the ability to launch his career. We are now operating in eight countries worldwide and have employed over 32 employees in various parts of the globe, including Sri Lanka, his homeland. Without the opportunities for education, information, business, social services and housing in Canada he would not have had the chance to make a difference or invest back into the economy. With every new step forward we identify possibilities of a brighter future and take responsibility for the pain of the past. We use these challenging times as instances to reevaluate, reform and discover ourselves. It is never too late to make changes that matter and we are confident that Canadians will do just that.

Happy Canada Day from our team to yours!