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Balancing home life with work-from-home.

By July 15, 2021 No Comments

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge what is appropriate to discuss for personal and professional consumption, especially during the pandemic when there is a general freeze on most regular outlets. The communication styles of professional settings have eventually become more personal since there are children running around in the background. At 6IX we have a close group of employees working for us, all living different lifestyles, but some parents have been working from home while their children are studying. It’s inevitable that children are looking for more attention when they see their parents on their laptop or computer in the office.

Just like we get to know our coworkers better by engagement, so do our children who begin to feel noticed by employees and colleagues while they are in the home. Talking to them, making them feel included in our conversations and getting our children involved is also a great way to further develop a bond. It is also a way for kids to get accustomed to formal work discussions, observe how meetings are designed and listen to their parents talk formally. We feel like this can jump-start and familiarize ourselves into the workplace at a young age, merely from leading by example. While at work it is important to develop strong or stronger relationships with our coworkers so we stay motivated, creative, productive and on track and maybe having our family involved just brings us one step closer to  better productivity and higher job satisfaction. When employees feel seen, heard and valued, they tend to work harder on their goals.