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School Wear 6IXSENSES Designs Web Stores from the Ground Up

Active participation in physical health education helps students succeed both academically and socially.  Marchant’s has been producing high-quality apparel and equipment to help students achieve this goal for over 45 years. To make it easier for physical health educators, principals, and coaches, Marchants have come up with an innovative and hassle-free approach to implementing spirit wear programs in schools. 6IXSENSES is proud to be part of’s growth journey.


Marchants has been offeirng school spirit wear for decades and in 2015, they they created dedicated solely to school spirit wear. Previously, Marchants offered sports equipment, clothing, and various other product ranges to all team leagues, university communities, municipalities, and individuals. Now, students or anyone affiliated with a particular organization can access a line of differently branded and unique clothing specific to their school through SchoolWear.

SchoolWear presents top-of-the-line customizations for products such as Under Armour, Adidas, Russell, Gildan, and many more. As a result, a fully fledged, stand-alone web store was built. The goal was to create a store for each school that had various types of teams, or a store for each team. This would allow students to browse through a variety of apparel from sports jerseys to hoodies. By incorporating the school logo, students could feel a sense of belonging to their school community. The main objective of shopping for school wear through their designated web store is to promote a sense of ownership and pride in the organization they belong to, while also uplifting the student communities and making one another feel less lonely.

T-shirts, track pants, hoodies, caps, and backpacks with their school logos will be available to students. The majority of school spirit wear is optional, and it can be worn by students, teachers, staff, parents, and even coaches.

Today’s Web Store

There are currently over 400 web stores in SchoolWear, each with its own dedicated space. This website brings together different school clubs and teams and offers convenient, cost-effective, quality design, and branded clothing that can be purchased from the comfort of your home. For example, if your school is located in the north and the other school is located in the far south, an online web store allows you to feel like the school is just down the street.


6IXSENSES brings eCommerce Design, Development and Operational excellence.

6IXSENSES provided full eCommerce operational support in terms of order management, design, development, implementation, client support, and marketing. The company specializes in developing web stores efficiently and doing operational tasks, including maintenance and technical operations, in an effective manner. Technical operations are the underlying infrastructure that supports and ensures the smooth functioning and performance of the web store. Technological operations are a vital process that requires major.The process starts with school teachers and officials who decide whether a web store for a school should be set up. To facilitate schools to access SchoolWear, 6IXSENSES created a straightforward and easy website as well. 6IXSENSES also offers assistance with other marketing campaigns such as direct email and social media promotions.

Design, multiply, scale, and sustain

6IXSENSES designs the store from the ground up, identifying the right process methodology in order to multiply and scale the business operation. Once a school has come on board to develop a store on SchoolWear, the design operation commences. The team assigned to SchoolWear collaborates with the school officials in order to attain the required sizes, colors, and decoration options, including color styles and logos. Upon finalizing the design, the development takes place. This is where the end user’s product features are met, so the school spirit wear is designed with quality, fashion, comfort, and branded material. SchoolWear’s success lies in its on-demand service and refinement of quality products.

6IXSENSES specializes in e-commerce and excels at handling hundreds to thousands of orders while also maintaining and updating their clients’ websites with new products. Their objective is to create a fast and mobile-friendly website that keeps customers within their store and streamlines the purchasing process. However, e-commerce involves more than just adding products; it involves numerous subtasks such as quality checks, reports, and inventory checks, which are all monitored through a project management dashboard to ensure efficiency in over 30 customer touchpoints. It was 6IXSENSES’ years of experience in the industry of eCommerce that allowed them to come up with a defined process that can be multiplied and expanded in order to create an expandable business. Today, 6IXSENSES has efficiently created hundreds of web stores, but not without evaluating the technicalities and putting together a comprehensive process and procedure to scale and sustain the eCommerce operation. With this mechanism, SchoolWear was able to thrive in operation, delivering satisfaction to happy students, parents, and school staff. Even after completing the payment checkout, the customer will be returned to the school’s homepage and will not be directed to any other organization’s web store.


School spirit wear is a longstanding tradition, and it is a great tool for motivating and bonding a community together as it gives students a sense of pride and ownership. Individuals that come from different backgrounds, each with their own unique cultures and experiences, come together to feel united. SchoolWear aims to increase self-esteem, inclusiveness,and increase students’ value in school culture, extracurricular attendance, unity, and belonging. It is in support of helping teachers, school administrators, and parents find ways to improve the school atmosphere. Sometimes one of the biggest challenges in education is encouraging teamwork and instilling a sense of pride in students for their school.

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