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Butterfly Benefits

The Power of Visibility: 6IXSENSES brings Butterfly Benefit’s brand presence to life.



  • Enhanced online presence through more traffic
  • Improved the company’s authenticity and credibilitya
  • A better professional brand appearance
  • A customized aesthetic that made the company stand out

The story of Butterfly Benefits began with Adam Enamuel, the company’s founder and current Group, Health, and Life Insurance Advisor. Butterfly Benefits was created to help businesses provide their workers with more customized and adaptable compensation and benefits packages. This brief case study provides us a glimpse into the world of Butterfly Benefits’ business, a fresh new start-up idea that originated from a father and was passed down to his son.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Adam created his own new start-up that helps businesses insure their employees. They provide insurance policies that are personalized according to the employees’ needs at different stages of life.


Although the business had a unique value proposition for the world’s eye, times were tough for the new start-up in 2020. The world had unanimously declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic and small businesses were feeling the biggest pinch.

Small businesses and self-employed individuals were in survival mode, with storefronts that were once bright and colorful closed up for several months. Those that were the most financially fragile closed their businesses for good.

Amidst the worst crisis since the past century and adapting to a new lifestyle, people are now concerned for their safety and health. This meant customers were no longer willing to visit a store, and clients were turning a blind eye to onsite meetups. Like most organizations, small businesses providing services transitioned online as well. It only became more and more evident to Adam that in order to sustain his business, he had to reinvent his approach during the new normal. This meant embracing the power of online presence, which his business was unable to do in the past due to a lack of skill and competence.

Clients were the most important stakeholders for Butterfly Benefits’ team in order for them to continue running operations. This meant devising ways to access more potential clients through social networking while delivering the same credibility that once existed when meeting a client face-to-face. Butterfly benefits needed more brand presence to capture the online market. The design and presentation of their storefront needed to be translated into a website that represented their brand’s value and style.

However, Adam and his team were treading rough seas to find the right person to work on his company website. He wanted someone he could trust and develop the vision he saw in Butterfly Benefits’ potential website. The company’s ability to stay in business and reach new customers would depend on how well this project turned out.


Butterfly Benefits found the perfect collaboration when 6IXSENSES approached them just in time. Small Business Professional Web Design, or ‘CANWEB’, was an initiative organized by 6IXSENSES to support small businesses, self-employed individuals, and start-ups with budget limitations to create brand presence in the digital space amidst the ongoing severity of the pandemic. Under this project initiative, Butterfly Benefits received the opportunity to have 6IXSENSES develop a sophisticated information-based website for a fraction of the market cost.

Everything Adam and his team visualized, 6IXSENSES was able to illuminate through the website. For example, Adam wanted an illustration of the famous Toronto Skyline, which showcases several monuments and skyscrapers in Canada. This was one of the many intricate details added by 6IXSENES.

Butterfly Benefits and 6IXSENSES worked closely together. This created a better understanding for Adam and his team regarding the process and problems the project encountered during the development lifecycle. On the other hand, 6IXSENSES gained the insights and contributions of the client in order to overcome any obstacles and develop the best-suited website. Once the website prototype was completed, it was reviewed and edited accordingly.


6IXSENSES, with their experience and an innate sense of understanding clients’ needs, provided the ideal blend of artistic and technical expertise to design a website for Butterfly Benefits’ marketing and business objectives. The website’s functionality was sustainable even after leaving the web designer’s building. It was a beautifully designed, seamless, smart, and self-managed website. Adam could handle the website, domain, email, and integrated booking systems all in one place. The completed result was inspiring and left an impression on potential clients to revisit the website. 6IXSENSES’ core values include collaborating with clients and partners in the hopes of creating a product that the client is proud to showcase.

Today, Adam and his team of benefits specialists connect with business clients by using the website portal and help them with insurance and rewards programs.

In 2019, web development costs $5,000 to $200,000 in the United States, depending on the objective of the client. By 2021, the average cost of a simple e-commerce website was around $10,000. This was not an affordable option for most small-scale businesses, although it was a dire need during the pandemic era. Like Butterfly Benefits, 6XSENSES’s initiative to give back to the community has helped many start up businesses when it mattered the most. It was a real step in the right direction to help businesses grow and thrive in these unprecedented times.

“The 6IXSENSES team was an absolute pleasure to work with... from beginning to end, the project took about 3–4 weeks—so fast turnaround with an amazing end product. They really have an incredible team that can truly get your vision to come to life. I would absolutely recommend it.”

Adam EnamuelFounder and Group, Health, and Life Insurance Advisor at Butterfly Benefits.

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