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Individualism or Collectivism?

By July 15, 2021 No Comments

Individualism or collectivism?

In the age of COVID-19 our communities have been through rapid change in a short period of time. Almost overnight our world changed with a pandemic causing global changes that have left us all yearning for a sense of normalcy. For some this has meant losing some of our most beloved members of our families, for others it may have meant spending long hours in the hospital helping patients, for others it could have been losing business. For almost everyone, we have had a series of losses that have impacted our lives. It is time that we find the silver linings, the gratitude of what is and what is to come.

Our children spent hours outdoors last summer taking in the natural beauty of our local communities, enjoying time indoors with their families, having time to bond with their siblings and playing sports with their parents. For some, this was the first time in years some parents have had time to spend with each other building bonds. For others, it may have given them time to parlay their business endeavors into their home lives with work-from-home options becoming more prevalent. This change has allowed the busy working mom to finally have a family dinner at home with her children or a travelling father to finally be able to pick his children up from school exactly when the bell rings. All of these things should not go unnoticed because technology has paved a way for a new future where new doors are now opening.

Our client has spent hours researching the best quality clothes children can wear throughout the school year and have found that by and large students are looking for one thing – clothes that represent them. This could mean having a shirt that says the name of their own chess club, basketball jersey, having their own hockey number on their back. Anything that gives them a sense of belonging and identity. This is why we have created a campaigns that focuses on the reintegration of all students regardless of age, skill or talent. We have eliminated barriers for participation by creating a shared connectedness with students being able to purchase a shirt or hoodie with the name of their school on it. As a community and as a school, we can help our students feel less individualistic and more community-oriented by supporting this initiative. With Unity comes a sense of belonging.